Do not compete – dominate

I have been listening to Frank Cordone’s video “Dominate” for several days, and it is hard to believe how quickly my view on everyday’s interactions has changed since then.

My favorite quotes:

0:05 – You do not want to be a spectator. Spectators pay. Players get paid.

2:33 – Look, if you want to be in business for yourself and you want to be successful, you will need to learn to dominate. You cannot compete…. Look, how many of you have been trained in trained in this? Competition is a healthy thing. If that message was not being delivered to on to entrepreneurs! This message was being delivered to consumers! Them more companies we have, the better for the customer!… But if you’re the one playing the game, you want to dominate the field! Would you agree? Let’s say I’m playing a basketball game, or a football game… I want to be on the offense the whole time!

When somebody googles the industry that you’re in your picture should come up! And if this is not happening, then the market place will deliver pain for you. The marketplace will deliver pain to the people that compete. Why? Because you’re all competing! And there is one guy who is up there in the lead! You see, he didn’t compete.

When this happens, when the economy rolls over, you know who is going to feel the pain? People that compete. Who will cherish that moment? The people that dominate space. Why? Because people that dominate like contractions. People who are extremely well versed, well trained, you know, if I’m training for the ballgame, I like the muddy field! I like it wet! I’m like ice on the field, would you agree? Because I want to dominate space, I actually look for the opportunities for contraction.ike the muddy field! I like it wet! I’m like ice on the field, would you agree? Because I want to dominate space, I actually look for the opportunities for contraction.

8:10 And the marketplace will always discipline people who aren’t prepared. Success loves preparation it loves it, it admires it, and just flows to it. And the marketplace will discipline those who are just stuck in the past.

9:00 Who would do you think is your number one competition? who is your number one problem in real estate today?.. People around you. Any time I have production stalled to that one of my companies, I start to look around. I’m not looking for talent. I look to get rid of people. First thing I do every time: whom can I get rid of? You know why? Because I push with so much force in my universe, and my business, in my real estate…. And I push so hard that if I’m not getting the results all the time, somebody got to be pushing back. Somebody in my organization actually have to have the intention, when are conscious or unconscious, to hold me up. So the first thing that I do is starting to get rid of people. I’m looking who is it? Who is it? I’m looking for the cancer in my organization

Today is day 1

Unexpectedly, today became the 1st day of my new life. For the 1st time in many years, I lived up to my potential rather than my fears. And now, yoga.