Dr. Joe Dispenza on Impact Theory

I am hooked on the Impact Theory. This particular interview with Joe Dispenza was one of the most insightful and thought-provoking ones.

The main thoughts that I took away from this speech:

Negative events generate a rush of energy which gets captured by the memory in a snapshot. Retrieving that snapshot from memory brings on the same neurochemical reactions in our body that were present when the event occurred. People lack emotional stimulation in their day to day life, and they go back to negative memories because they are addicted to the energy that those memories generate, so that they could feel SOMETHING

Body is our subconscious mind, it does not know the difference between a physical reaction triggered by a real event and a remembered or imagined one. Emotions elicit a physical response, which in turn elicits emotion; this circuit becomes hard-wired.

Habits are hard-wired circuits in our brains that eventually which form from a repetition of the same behavior until our body can guide behavior better than our mind can

Changing something can feel very uncomfortable because new circuits need to be build while the old ones are trying to fire signals. New choices do not “feel right” because you would not have the same neurochemical mix in the brain, you are in a new state of uncertainty. The body always tries to return to the familiar biological state. That is why being in the unknown state is difficult for most people.

If you follow the body’s reactions, eventually it will create the environment around you to support your familiar state. The body becomes stronger than the brain, the servant becomes the master.

Meditation accesses the OS-level of our brain, where important changes are possible. When you close your eyes, you shut down external stimuli, so you can now create your own reactions. If the body cannot distinguish between a physical reaction from a past negative event or from a thought of that event, then the same principle is in play when you imagine a future event with a positive outcome. Your brain is no longer a record of the past, but a path to the future. 

The hard part is to teach the body to respond to future events. Do not wait until you have success to feel successful, until you have money to feel abundance, until you are in a new relationship to feel loved. Do not wait for something outside of you to happen in order to trigger the emotion. Trigger it yourself. Stop being the creation, become the creator.

Your environment creates your thoughts, and then your thoughts create your environment. 

If you do not wake up in the morning and think about the future that you want to create, then your mind will be left with the memories of the past, which is predictable, so you start having a predictable future, and your current environment will reinforce it. 

Most people need some outside events to feel something, but you can change that

Your body is addicted to having certain neurochemical states at certain times a day. Train your body to stay in the moment, like you tell a dog to stay, do not react during those hours.O

Our bodies are addicted to strong emotions like love, hate, judgement, jealousy, being a victim. We use our boss to satisfy our judgement addition, our enemies to satisfy our anger addiction, etc. To make a positive change, you have to change yourself first. If today I took your ex-husband and shoot him to the moon so he cannot come back, that will not change your life, you still have to do the work of change! If you don’t, you will find the next guy to hate. If I took your enemy and made him disappear, you would create another one in his place.

We learn most about ourselves when we are uncomfortable, usually because we do not like being in the present moment, the body wants to go back to the familiar. 

Insights, the aha moments are passive,  they do not do anything in themselves. Even worse, they can be used as an excuse to slide into predictability, to the old habits, to avoid change, because when you understand the neurochemical process better, you can be better at creating an excuse for it.

Our bodies are designs to use stress to avoid danger or to get something, but the stress is supposed to be intense and short-lived, like a sight of a predator at a distance. But what happens if the stress  is near and constant, like a hated co-worker sitting next to you whole year long? What happens is disease. No organism can survive a prolonged and constant stress.

Rich Roll on Impact Theory

This guys is a pretty interesting character. I am not sure I understood his theory, though.

My biggest take-aways:

The worst thing we can do to people whom we love is to try to reduce their pain

The goal is not to be always happy, but to always experience a full range of emotions  without losing ourselves in them

We are a relationship-based organization whose output is football

Survival mechanisms in our brain are stronger than the thriving ones

Jordan Harbinger on Impact Theory

My journey continues today with a video of Tom Bilyau interviewing Jordan Harbringer 

My biggest take-aways:

Confidence can be trained into behavior to elicit a certain response from people. Once people start treating you differently, your confidence will become more natural

Adjust your body posture to communicate confidence every time you are walking through a door. Put yourself some stickers on the door to serve you as reminders to do that. After a while, you won’t need the stickers, it will happen automatically

Don’t wait until you are thirsty to start digging a well. Don’t wait until you need a relationship to start building one

Do not build a relationship on “what’s in it for me?” Do not worry about what’s in it for you – just build it, and the opportunities may come later

Do not keep score, do not create covert contracts that exist only in your head; do not expect people to return the favors you did for them.
Covert contracts poison the relationships. Give without expectations or attachments

Save for the future. Do not wait until you are thirsty to start digging your well financially.  Do not try to make short-term profit on long-term goals.

When experiencing depression or anxiety, zoom out enough to get proper perspective.  Every second you spend feeling sorry for yourself is a total waste of time

Alot of anxiety is just bottled-up emotion and energy, like a blender without a lid throwing its contents all over the kitchen; if you channel this energy properly, it will subside

How are you going to do it? One step at a time, one brick at a time, one day at a time. Like building a castle from a box of small oncies in Lego. You just keep stacking them one next to another next to another, and one day someone will ask: “Wow, how did you build it?”

Action ends suffering. Try to take an action on a suffering rather than trying to take a bath in it.

The 3rd Door – interview with Alex Banayan

My journey continues today with a video of Tom Bilyau interviewing Alex Banayan, the author of “The 3rd Door

The biggest moments from the interview that struck a nerve with me were:

The difference between entrepreneurs and employees is the amount of uncertainty they have to deal with. Some people think that entrepreneurs are somehow born with the innate superior ability to deal with uncertainly. Alex’s research shows otherwise.

Ability to deal with uncertainty is like a muscle. We can train a muscle to be stronger by using it. Approach your fear of uncertainty like you would approach training in a gym. Don’t just grab a 60 lb weight and start curling. Start with a 2 lb weight and then increase a little over time. If you feel a panic attack, it is a good indicator that you have picked up a weight that is too heavy for you. Do not get discouraged. Step back, recover a bit, then return to training with a slightly lighter weight, and continue to build in increments.

Interesting line from a book called “When things fall apart” by 
Pema Chödrön. How do you deal with your fear? I agree with it.

Story about Steven Spielberg and Chuck Silvers. Jump off the train. Schmooze your way in. Find an inside man who will believe in you enough to take a personal risk. Without Chuck Silvers there might not have been Steve Spielberg. But it is the same story with other successful people, like Bill Gates or Lady Gaga. They had someone on the inside who believed in them enough to take a risk.

I need to look up the book “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell

I never heard of Qi Li, but I need to read more on his story. The quote from the interview was when Alex asked Qi what role luck played in his life, Qi answered that luck is like a bus that stops next to you at some intervals. If you missed one bus, do not worry, another will come. But to get on the bus, you need to have the correct amount of work and accomplishments – your bus pass. For most people, the bus stops all the time, but they cannot get in because they don’t have the correct pass to take advantage of the opportunity in front of them.

Insecurity, like fear, never leave you. They will always be a part of your experience. The goal is to be aware that some of your thoughts and feelings are just insecurities. Once awareness is achieved, they lose their power over your decisions. You can always look at them and say, “Oh, that is just my insecurity showing up.” To deal with insecurity, you must speak of it outloud. Insecurity lives in secrecy, and is protected by feelings of shame. Once you break down the wall of shame and speak of it publically, the insecurity becomes manageable.

First time on a Meet the Experts panel

For years, my life was boring and uneventful, but lately, it has been picking up the pace quite a bit. Last few weeks I had many interesting “firsts.” I hand-soldered my first inline tap, I successfully opened a set of handcuffs with a metal pin, I did my first in-door skydiving lesson, and it was the first time I was selected a chair of a business and industry advisory committee (I surely did not see THAT ONE coming at all).

The “firsts” seem to continue with me being on an “expert panel” for the first time at Collin County Community College “Meet the Experts” event for students. It was a very surreal feeling. I was sitting exactly where these students were sitting only 4 years ago, attending career events, hoping and dreaming for a “break” for me. 

To all reading this blog: DREAM! DARE! PLAN! EXECUTE! repeat. See you all sitting next to me on my next “Meet the experts” panel, as my peers and my friends

Tech Meetups in DFW

Usually free, except for food/drinks if the meetup is in a restaurant

Full list with links to the groups will be posted on https://twitter.com/ElementalCyber

Organization Web site Membership Meetings
Dallas Hacker Association Meetup free 1st Wed in Dallas
Dallas Open Web Application Security Project (OSWAP) Meetup free Plano
Geeknight Dallas Meetup free Addison
Data Science Applications Community (DSAC) – Dallas Meetup free Dallas
DFW Pythoneers Meetup free Nov 20, Dallas
Dallas PHP Meetup free Nov 13, Dallas
Dallas.js Meetup free Dec 6, Dallas
0DAYALLDAY Meetup free Dallas
DFW Scrum Meetup free Nov 20, Plano
Cryptoparty DFW Meetup free Nov 15, Plano
Docker Dallas Meetup free Nov 26, Addison
HTML5 User Group Meetup free Nov 28, Dallas
Club AJAX Meetup free Dec 4, Plano
Tech Talent South – Dallas Meetup free Nov 15,  Dallas
Cloud Security Alliance – North Texas Chapter Meetup free Dallas
Dallas Cloud Security Meetup Meetup free Nov 21, Richardson
DC214 Meetup free Nov 14, TBD
IoT Texas Meetup free Nov 15,  Dallas
North Texas Cyber Security Group Meetup free Frisco
DFW Power BI User Group Meetup free Nov 14, Dallas
Java Developers of Dallas (JDD) Meetup free Nov 13, Dallas
Learn to Code | Thinkful Dallas Meetup free Nov 13, Addison
Women Who Code Dallas/Ft. Worth Meetup free Nov 14, Coppell
Code’s Cool Dallas Meetup free Nov 14, Dallas
TheLab.ms Plano’s Makerspace Meetup free Dallas
Dallas Immersive Design and Development – AR/VR/MR Meetup free Nov 14, TBD
Dallas App Developers Meetup free Nov 14, Addison
DevOps Meetup -Dallas Meetup free Nov 14, online
North Texas SQL Server User Group Meetup free Nov 15, Irving
The Pwn School Project Meetup free Nov 19, Denton
Dallas/ Fort Worth Future Technologies Forum Meetup free Dec 5, Fort Worth
DevOps & Cloud Meetup free Dec 6, TBD
SME Virtual Network Meetup free Dec 7, Dallas
Dallas Ethereum Meetup Meetup free Dallas
Game Devs Anonymous Meetup free Nov 15, The Labs
FW Cisco UCS Meetup Meetup free Jan 17, Irving, Tx
DFWRPA(Business Process Meets Intelligence) Meetup free Dec 19, Garland

Why you need to stop saying what people want to hear

I really liked this talk, I struggle with issues that Kyle Cease brings up myself. I am very approval-seeking creature, and working on it is a constant challenge.

Main thoughts I got from this talk:

  1. I do not know how this will go, and I like it! (this one is the best part!)
  2. Do not hold on to your past, it no longer exists
  3. No one breaks your heart, they just shine a light on your false (and usually egoistical) expectations
  4. Differentiate between goals and intentions
  5. Your goals are your limits; you are infinite and goals place limits on the infinite possibilities that the universe presents
  6. Goals come from the ego, they are rooted in your past, and they are there to tell some story
  7. Intentions come from the moment, they are free of past or future, and they do not set limits

The details of life

When writing your story, do not start with details of your 1-year plan or 5-year plan, start with the outline of the final destination, outline of the largest accomplishment, and then look back from that and build everything in-between now and that accomplishment, like your would design the small details of the house to fit its purpose and style.

Details, the day-to-day minutia of life, are the water that lays between you and your dream, like the ocean that lays in front of explorers. You cannot get across the ocean on a rift, in a canoe, on a tour boat, or on a fishing boat. Nothing small or too single-purposed will hold the power and the supplies needed to withstand the storms and the winds that lay ahead. So, dream big! Big enough to get you through  500 storms and 5000 deadcalms before you reach your destination. 

The details, the minutia are there to drawn you like water. Your vision is the ship that will carry you through that ocean of details. It will carry you through muddy waters, through shallow waters, through deep waters, through reefs, and toward the destination.