Art of War (AoW) by Sun Tzu – beginning of chenggong fu

I am captivated by the book. Before this book, I never really thought about strategy, except as in some small endeavors, and every time i just came up with a strategy that felt right. I never thought about studying strategy. This book changed everything.  I could not read it fast enough, hanging on each word like it was an ancient scroll containing a treasure map.

After reading it a few times, I decided to “translate” it into something that my brain can translate easier into everyday situations. I did this by removing military terminology from it and substituting it for “competitors” or “opponents” to see what happens when we apply this book to the business environment or to politics (school, office, family, group, etc).

At the end of each chapter I will also try to write up questions that might help me to use the text in ordinary situations.

I will also create a new area of study and a new hashtag that I will call “chenggong fu,” #chenggongfu, which I assign the following meaning “the art of success”

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