REI articles

On finding opportunities

On finding the first deal properties:

Evaluating opportunities

The 8 most important evaluation formulas to understand and memorize:

Multi-family investments for 1st timers:

On putting the margin of safety into every deal:

Miltifamily market seems to be cooling off – strategies for this period:

Possible upcoming multi-family crash may resemble the subprime crisis. Very interesting graphs on market cycle analysis:

More advice on how not to overpay for miltifamily:

On saying “no” to wrong opportunities

The guide to due diligence:

Interesting step-by-step due-diligence walk-through for an apartment building:

Biggest discoveries during due diligence:

“Sometimes it’s the deals you don’t do that make you rich!” JD Martin

Common mistakes in REI

6 common mistakes new investors make:

On investments in self-storage

On various negotiating tactics

Make deals fearlessly:

Investment strategies

Buy and hold vs flip and go –

How to start as a hustler, even some 1st-year hustle suggestions:

Calculating how many rental properties I need to retire:

The Shiny Strategy Syndrome:


On your investment philosophy

On how to set your investment philosophy by establishing clear goals:

Adopting the screw it, let’s do it attitude for newbies –

Focusing on Why before focusing on What and How-

Buffet-ology applied to REI:

A little bit more of Buffet-ology thinking:

I guess, sometimes you do not mind overpaying for a multi-family property? An interesting discussion here:

Current RE market conditions

Study showing that currently US is not in a bubble situation overall, although some cities are an exception:

Strategies to succeed in the cooling market:

How to recognize signs of the housing bubble, and what to do to make money during the bubble:

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