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I am considering my options for going into real estate full time next year. Part of my income will (hopefully) come from a couple of flips. The rest I want to make as relevant to my flips and rentals as possible. So, real estate agent for a couple of first years is a natural choice, but the financials overall need to be considered. Hopefully, the byproduct of my efforts to find good flips will be finding many properties that are not a good flip but could still be sold. I am hoping to be the first person to interact with the seller, and therefore have the opportunity to list the property. Nevertheless, I have to count on the worst-case scenario. So, here is my review

Average REA salaries in Texas by city are listed here (2019). Long story short, the average is about 41K/year for Dallas. Since I am doing this to educate myself about the buyers’ tastes, I can consider this to be paid internship. But 41K is a little low for me for a year overall, assuming that I won’t make much on my first couple of flips. But for year 1 it might work.

This article suggest starting real estate agent income as a part time income.

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