Brainstorning on how to brainstorm better

Brainstorming by yourself, with no one else’s input

I plan to spend the next 30 days creating one new idea to bring in business per day. Hopefully, at the end of 30 days, I might have one worthwhile idea that will prove practical.

But after coming up with a couple of pretty “low-hanging-fruit” type of ideas, I feel stuck. So, how do I brainstorm for the next 28 days? As usual, YouTube is my first stop (I am very visual).

This is from YT channel Vertical Measures. His suggestions:

  • Mind mapping (relate terms to ideas, correlate ideas to one another)
  • Right-braining with incomplete pictures of related concepts that you are thinking about. Each new concept is incomplete in some way. Incompleteness of the picture will bring out ideas on how to complete them. The take different images and start combining them in several different ways to see if any new original idea might come up
  • Provocative action – do provocative things, change your physical surroundings, like turn the furniture in your office upside down and write upside down
  • Break and build – break down an idea into smaller pieces of info, or, on the opposite, build it up to reach a broader viewpoint; solution usually appears while in this thought process;
  • Pessimist v optimist discussion – have the pessimist bring up problems and the optimist suggest solutions. this helps to bring ideas into focus;
  • Randomness – come us with a random word and describe the object in detail; see if any of the words in the description fit into the general idea
Rumi: Look for the answer inside of your question